Tera Berserker Guide – A Beginners Guide To The Berserker!

If you’re seeking to play with the Berserker course in Tera then this guide will provide you an summary of the course and a couple of hints which you could utilize.

The neat thing about the Berserker is you will have the ability to take on multiple enemies fairly well along with the arc of your strikes is immense on account of your axe so that you will knock many enemies off their feet.

Another point to notice concerning the Berserker is that you’ve got above average defence skills but the thing to take into account this course is to be certain to receive a nice axe after possible since it directly relates to a own defence skill.

With greater than ordinary defence and also a heavy strikes that the Berserker is for people who don’t wish to be concerned about choosing foes 1 vs 1 and also wish to be in the thick of the struggle.

Let’s Take a Look at Some of the abilities which will make your toolbox with all the Berserker:

Combo Attack – This is the typical attack and if you hold down the mouse button that you may begin a combo. Another point to notice with all the Berserker is you will really get stronger the longer you strike an opponent. This combo strike will restore about 10 percent of your MP per successful strike.

Glyph of Carving – This really is a glyph that’s worth picking up and increases the important prospect of dividing by 10%.

Block – This is the normal block and you’ll block the stat that’s equivalent to this weapon. That is the reason it is worth it to have a fantastic axe the moment possible. For example if you’ve got 3000 block in your own axe and you simply take 4000 harm from the strike with a prosperous block you may only take 1000 harm.

Glyph of Character – This is an adequate glyph to possess with block since you’ll gain 3 percent mana with every block.

Another glyphs You Will want to select up based on how you play the sport are:

Glyph of this Slick – This may get rid of the motion rate decrease which you get with a few charms.

Another ability that’s worthy of notice is that the Thunder Strike that’s a massive attack with your axe and it’ll land 4 metres before you. This is your most powerful attack and you’ll also have the ability to continue progressing as a result of cartoon of the ability.


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