SWTOR Speeder Bikes

Throughout nearly all your experience in SWTOR, you will mainly be moving around on foot. This may be in the shape of walking or sprinting, if you have earned this ability. It is also possible to access transport service lines located on important regions of the planets. However, getting your own SWTOR speeder is probably the best way to rapidly move across the land.

You will only have the ability to buy a personal SWTOR speeder when you reach level 25. To access your private speeder bike, you’ll have to open the skills panel and then click on the vehicles tab. Then, you can right-click on the private speeder button to trigger it to deactivate it. You can even drag and drop the private speeder button to your Quickbar for more convenient access.

There are a few speeders that could only be obtained by either Empire or Republic players rather than both. In any case, you will have the ability to buy your first SWTOR speeder for 8000 credits. You can get this at the 2nd room from the right in the lower level. For Republic players, you’ll have the ability to find this from Barik of the Republic Fleet – Carrick Station at precisely the exact same trade market. You’ll find this in the middle area on the lower level.

Czerka Patroller: This speeder Increases your movement speed by 90 percent and prices 8000 credits

Rendili Watchman: This speeder will also increase your movement speed by 90 percent and also prices 8000 credits

For one to pilot any vehicle, including the speeder, you need to buy a speeder piloting skill from your Course Trainer. There are 3 positions and they are:

The reason there are 3 speeder positions is as there are also 3 corresponding tiers of speeders which you can buy. As mentioned before, the 1st grade is level 25 and then this is followed by level 40 and then level 50. Higher levels of speeders give you greater protection of being knocked off. However, you must remember that none of the SWTOR speeders will provide you any bonus attributes besides increased speed, not one of the speeders can protect you from becoming ruined and you also can’t ride a SWTOR speeder into any spaceport or building.


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