Alliance Leveling Tips – Mistakes to Avoid If You Want To Level Fast

The best of the Alliance leveling hints that you can give you is to use a leveling guide. However, there are loads of tips I can provide you for fast leveling, but in this report, I need to concentrate on some mistakes that players make when leveling, which prevents them from maintaining a top XPRead More

SWTOR Artifice Leveling Guide From 1-400 – Updated For Patch 1.2!

Inside this short article we’re getting to take a look in the Artifice ability and that I will provide you an entire leveling guidebook with this crafting ability. With all the Artifice ability you Are Going to Be Able to create: -light saber up-grades which can be understood as’Hilts’ for most force-users. -color crystals whichRead More

Tera Class Guide – Get Info About Each Of The 8 Classes And Which You Should Play!

Within this guide we’re going to offer you a synopsis of every course in Tera and inform you how they’ll play so that you may select a course that will be appropriate for you. If you play with lots of MMO’s then you’ll be fine choosing any course but if you’re a newcomer to theRead More